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From My Heart:

It’s amazing how the Lord confirms His perfect will for us in His Perfect Word! On Wednesday night September 25, 2019 I was commissioned & sent out by my home church, First Baptist in Germantown Ohio, that I pastored for a little over 20 years. It was a bitter sweet night but I’m thankful for my brother & president of ROMA, Walter Stevens, for preaching a great message & charge to me & our church family. That morning in my devotions God used His Word to confirm His moving me to a new ministry. As I read this verse I knew transitioning into a ministry that I can serve in “with joy and not with grief” was God’s confirmation “at such a time as this.” Hebrews 13:17 “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.” My precious wife Gayla has been in glory since August 1,2018 & I guess you can say I’m grieving well. But God is still good!!

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Recent Prayer Letter/Ministry Update –

Ministry Report for September-December 2020

One never knows what the future holds but we as His servants know that our God holds our future, amen. We need to trust Him now more than ever ! We need the Lord Jesus now more than ever in our lives, in our families & in our ministries. We all need His heavenly wisdom & His divine direction as we continue to walk through this pandemic valley of the shadow of death. Amen !! (Proverbs 3:5,6 4:5-11)

I’m excited to announce that I’m engaged to be married on Friday March 26th to a godly prayer warrior, Darlene Montgomery. The Lord has blessed me beyond measure by directing my steps to meet her last January, while visiting her church there in Florida. God is good all the time. So now I’ve been blessed with a precious gift from the Lord and an awesome prayer partner.

During these past PANDEMIC months I was able to preach in several different churches & see the Lord bless again! Here’s some great news, my support is slowly on the rise with these new churches taking me on as their ROMA Missionary/Evangelist: Grace Baptist Church in Chappaqua NY, Hilltop Baptist Church in Fairfield Ohio, Immanuel Baptist Church in Florence Kentucky and Open Door Baptist Church in Culpepper Virginia. Currently I now have 10 churches supporting me (with these 4 new churches) and 2 private supporters at a monthly support of $800.00. My goal was $1500 monthly support but with me getting married in March, my goal now is $1950 monthly support.

Like I shared in my last prayer letter, I was hoping to be further along in raising my support but I understand this pandemic has really hindered those of us on the deputation trail! God knows!!

I’m praying that the upcoming months will see traveling mercies and God’s blessings on my new life with my precious wife and ministry partner, Darlene. Brother Walter and I are hoping to be in Romania for 2 weeks in May. I’m also praying, like all of us, that are in the ministry, for the Lord’s unseen, nailed scarred hand to bless His ministry that He called me to with souls being saved, lives being changed. hearts being surrendered and all yielding to God’s will.

Now for some AWESOME news: The Lord blessed me again to lead a precious Jewish lady to the Lord, her name is Barbara and she is 85 years old. GLORY !! She is the mother of Laurie, my Jewish high school classmate of 45 years, who I lead to the Lord in April, discipled and was honored to baptize too. God is so good !!!

Thank you for being a blessing to me & my ministry. Your Missionary/Evangelist Ted Ricci Colossians 3:17